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Our name, Discover Technologies, says it all.

We help your enterprise and customers find, access and utilize legacy and current data regardless of where it resides. Our consultants can quickly assess your current environment and suggest options including new configuration of existing search, migration to the latest search engine, hosted search, index enrichment and relevancy tuning to provide content driven user experiences. We can create, manage and populate search taxonomies based on customer defined rules utilizing our custom relevancy ranking models or via content driven term rankings.

Enterprise search has changed from high priced, on-site, hardware to hosted search options that eliminate the need to purchase, house, maintain and update equipment that is quickly outdated. We offer upgraded enterprise search capabilities that include highlighted terms, people-find and a feature that takes you to the most relevant page within a document.

If your business depends on employees or clients finding information on your website, we can add enhancements to your existing search or add a search engine to sites that are without search capabilities.  Now, Business Process Management software like K2 has a search component that allows you to quickly incorporate content based searching into your applications and the ability to search across multiple document management repositories with quick viewing, a Most Relevant Page feature, and drill down capability.

  • Search consulting
  • Enterprise search architecture, design and implementation
  • Search relevancy tuning
  • Managed search services
  • Office 365 search experts


DiscoverPoint Viewer
DiscoverPoint Viewer, designed by our SharePoint development experts, generates previews of the most relevant pages within any document, rendering search results 20 times faster by eliminating the need to open native documents.