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Bring Order to Your Digital Universe!

Discover Kosmos enables IT, compliance and records personnel to catalogue and manage all of an organizations digital assets centrally. The Kosmos dashboard provides a visual representation of all enterprise data on a single screen while allowing DAM administrators to assess and act on the data from the same interface. The Kosmos platform also enables a single application to search all repositories and conduct further business intelligence (BI) analysis. Discover Kosmos is built on a highly scalable architecture that is offered in a hosted or on-premises configuration.

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Komos Data Schematic

Why is This Important?

Organizations are dynamic. They open new offices in different parts of the world, they merge, new employees bring in new preferences on equipment that may be different than the legacy gear, and it all has to work together in order for digital assets to remain useful. Below are three of the main features and their benefits to your organization. Our field proven agents are available to meet your team, listen to your challenges and let you know how Discover Kosmos can keep your organization ahead of the big data curve, mitigate risk and reduce your storage requirements all while securing your digital assets.

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Intelligent Migration

  • Assess Completely index and assess your entire digital landscape in-place. Categorize and filter based on type, content and metadata.
  • Clean Eliminate ROT* and secure high-value/high-risk (PII/PHI/PCI) content.*ROT = redundant / obsolete / trivial
  • Migrate Move groomed content to Alfresco or other repositories of choice and eliminate post-migration cleanup.

Federated Search

  • Single Point of Access for All Assets No matter how vast your data infrastructure, Kosmos provides a single user interface to search all content
  • Extensive Connector Framework Regardless of where your data resides, we can provide a connector to it
  • Security Trimmed Results Maintain proper security based on viewer privileges

Federated Content Governance

  • In-Place Records Management Kosmos can place stubs of your content in your preferred records management system so you can maintain usability of content while avoiding duplication of data.
  • Defensible Deletion Identify and process ROT accordingly to keep your data footprint lean
  • Governance with Scalability The ability to scan high-volumes of data and process immediately