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Accessible SmartForms™
Accessible SmartForms™ from Discover Technologies ensures any K2 business application becomes instantly accessible and compliant to Section 508 and WCAG 2.0 AA standards — without any extra work.

Field Modifier Framework
FAST for SharePoint 2010 allows you to perform this customization with a pipeline extensibility extension, while SharePoint 2013’s enterprise search capability supports the inclusion of the ability to call a Content Enrichment Web Service as part of your content processing phase.

DiscoverPoint Viewer
DiscoverPoint Viewer, designed by our SharePoint development experts, generates previews of the most relevant pages within any document, rendering search results 20 times faster by eliminating the need to open native documents.

Cloud Hosted Search
Our Cloud Hosted Search solution enables companies to easily and economically offload the care and maintenance of their enterprise or public search platform. 

Discover Access for SharePoint
Discover Access for SharePoint™ &Discover Access for SharePoint™ Online create alternative views of SharePoint pages to help workers who are blind or visually-impaired navigate calendars, forms and documents as efficiently as their sighted coworkers. 

Discover Access for SharePoint Mobility
Mobility Management Solutions helping organizations leverage mobile technology as a strategy to deliver quantifiable improvements in productivity.

Discover Accessibility Scanner
Discover Accessibility Scanner is a tool that will generate an automated accessibility report for your website based on our Accessibility Management Platform. You can keep you organization’s website up-to-date by using the report to avoid accessibility missteps such as broken links and orphan sites.

ACE (Advanced Connector Engine)
ACE (Advanced Connector Engine) crawls and extracts metadata, textual content, and ACL’s from multiple document and content repositories. It then uses the data to populate enterprise search engine indexes. 

DiscoverPoint Extensible Viewer
DiscoverPoint Extensible Viewer brings everything in your organization together! Spreading ownership across all functional areas, we tie systems together across diverse platforms, pulling everything into the same place, and making it all much easier to find and use.